It might sound silly, but one of your biggest resources are people that you know and meet every day. It is these connections that often give us our most amazing opportunities. But the only way they can help you is if they know what your dream is... and the only way they can know it is if you know it!

An example: One of my desires is to be able to make short films overseas for small businesses that might not otherwise be able to afford it. So, I was in New Zealand hiking (or tramping, as they call it) along one of the numerous gorgeous trails. I stopped to get some footage of a cicada in a tree. A man passed me and casually commented about all the beautiful photo spots there were. I took the opportunity to talk about my dream, as I often do. I said I wasn't taking pictures but rather I was filming. He stopped in his tracks and we began talking. Apparently he owned a small boat and his friend was an international chef. They had gotten a contract to make a tv series about the cuisine in New Zealand, sailing from one port to the other. The problem was the boat only held 4 people and he believed that a film crew required lots of heavy equipment and at least half a dozen people. So their dream never went anywhere. I explained that modern camera equipment can be in fact quite minimal and yet still very professional. I told him that he could easily accomplish his goal with a film crew of just 2 people. Suddenly he saw his dream as being doable. We exchanged information and he headed excitedly away. I ended up choosing not to pursue it, but it just shows to illustrate what is out there. I have countless stories like this. So be chatty!


There are numerous sites out there to help you create all kinds of travel... cheaply. A friend of mine is busy at creating a list of these sites for fellow travelers, so rather than repeat her work, I will direct you to her site at I, on the other hand, will share some of my own personal experiences with various sites.

a) COUCHSURFING ( - This is a place where you can either stay in people's homes or have them stay with you. You have to sign up to be a member (which I believe is still free) before you can actually start exploring what is out there. It is usually only meant for a day or two, but I have had it extended to over a week. I have been on both sides: staying with people while traveling in the USA and overseas, and opening my home (yes, the trailer) up to fellow travelers. I happen to have a guest room, but each situation is different; some people literally only have a couch. But all the details are in their profile. You get to create a profile as well, so people can decide if they feel comfortable letting you into their homes and their lives. I am still in close contact with some of those I have met on couchsurfing and have wonderful memories of the rest. Use your instincts though whether a person feels right to you. Read the reviews other people leave.

b) WORKAWAY ( - This is meant for longer chunks of time, ranging from several days up to several months. It costs a small fee to sign up, but I believe you can explore the site to see if it is right for you before becoming a member. Basically, you volunteer a few hours of your time per day helping out in exchange for a place to stay and usually food. The details are usually described in the profile. The type of work ranges drastically, as do the locations. So it offers you a wide range of choices for what might match your personality and your skills. I have made some wonderful friends here! Again, you get to create your own profile explaining your skills and desires. In some ways, it's like a dating site, just without the romance!

c) HELPX ( - Many of the same hosts are listed on here as well as on Workaway, but there are plenty of different ones too. I haven't participated in an actual work exchange situation through HelpX yet, but I've corresponded with many friendly people in my quest for my next adventure. It too is free to browse but costs a small fee if you want to participate. Just as with Workaway, there are individual accounts as well as couples accounts if you happen to be traveling with a partner or friend.